Paulo Lombardi – Character Animator




Animator – Little Zoo Studio
      Rock Dog(ReelFx)
      Feng Shen Bang(Blur Studio – Keyframe Animation and mocap cleanup)

TV commercials:
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (ReelFx)
      Chuck E. Cheese’s(ReelFx)
      Transformers – Robots in Disguise(ReelFx)

Virtual Reality Experiences:
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - 360
      Book of Life(ReelFx)
      Pacific Rim – Jaeger Pilot
      You vs. Maria Sharapova VR Experience

Animator – KOI Factory
Animation and character setup  in Toom Boom for many TV spots

Animator – Pe Grande Estudio
Animation for TV ads

Animator – Start Anima
Animation feature

Animator – Santa Transmedia 
Animation for TV ads

Animator – Motion Logic Studios
Animation for mobile games 

Animator – Hype Studio Media 
Animate acting and action scenes for the upcoming short film ED

Animator and puppet builder – Marathon Agency
Animate and build characters in After Effects for Toyota Advertisement

Animator for Digital Alchemy Entertainment Inc. (Vancouver)
Animate creatures, making them believable and entertaining while interacting with live-action footage

Animator for the upcoming short film Proton
Animate the main character on action-based scenes

Animator and concept artist for Flash Game - Sandwolf Desenvolvedora de Softwares Ltda.  - (6 month contract)
Develop concept arts and style research for an Internet game, including characters and backgrounds. Animate the main character.

Freelancer Animator and designer for Online Application - Falooz Inc.
Develop character animations and costumes

Book Illustrator - Misanthropist Angel.
Responsible for the cover and illustrations of the book Misanthropist Angel.

Card Illustrator - Ederon
Illustrated many cards for the online game Ederon.



  • 3D Animation
  • 2D animation
  • Character build in Adobe Flash, After Effects and Toon Boom